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YouTube Essentials


Create an optimized YouTube Channel, while learning tactics to promote your business on YouTube, get more YouTube subscribers, and drive more visits to your website.

Imagine using the third most popular site on the Internet to drive hundreds of potential clients your direction.

Most people use a fraction of the marketing potential which is freely available on YouTube. YouTube visitors tend to convert more often, and click deeper into websites, than visitors from other social sites. Are you taking full advantage of this motivated audience?

Author and new media expert, Deltina Hay, shows you how to optimize your YouTube channel to drive more traffic to your website or social media accounts; and how to generate more sales and leads from within your YouTube videos.

The YouTube video lessons in this course are hands-on demonstrations of the tactics you can use to leverage YouTube to its full marketing potential. Topics include:

  • Customizing your YouTube channel for optimum exposure
  • Preparing and optimizing videos for upload to YouTube
  • Using annotations and other YouTube video features to drive traffic
  • Adding interactive features to YouTube videos to increase subscriptions
  • Creating YouTube galleries to place on websites and blogs
  • Integrating and promoting videos in blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus

This course is intended for business owners and marketers who are serious about leveraging YouTube to generating leads; sell more products and services; or establish themselves as thought leaders.


Included Modules

Introduction to YouTube Essentials

This lesson provides an overview of YouTube and serves as an introduction to what is covered in the course.

Creating an Optimized YouTube Channel

In this lesson, we discuss how to optimize your YouTube channel to get more subscribers and drive more traffic to your website and other social media sites.

Creating Your YouTube Channel Art

In this lesson, we cover how to create custom header image for your YouTube channel that will look good on any device that accesses it.

Uploading and Optimizing Videos

In this lesson, we demonstrate how to upload optimized videos to your YouTube channel using relevant keywords, and well-crafted descriptions.

YouTube Video Features

In this lesson, we dig deeper into YouTube video features like adding enhancements, captions, annotations, and interactive features to your videos.

YouTube Channel Features

This lesson explains the main features of your YouTube channel, how to become a YouTube partner, as well as YouTube settings and analytics.

Integrating YouTube with Other Platforms

In this lesson, we discuss integrating YouTube with your other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. We also demonstrate how to create a video gallery for your website using YouTube playlists.


YouTube Essentials Resources

This document contains the resources referenced in the course.

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