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Twitter Marketing For Small Businesses


Everything you need to know from start to finish about Twitter Marketing For Your Business (Theory & Hands-On Training)


Included Modules

The 6Ws of twitter Marketing

A global view of twitter marketing and why your business should profit from the existence of this platform.

Why Should You Even Be On Twitter As A Business

The main reasons why your business needs a solid presence on Twitter.

Who Is On Twitter And What Does That Mean To You

Who is on Twitter and what percentage of businesses are already present.

Where Are People When On Twitter

Where are people mentally when going on Twitter and how to use that to your advantage.

When To Take Action When It Comes To Twitter Marketing

When is the right time to get on Twitter and interact with your followers.

What Type Of Content Will You Create (Strategy and Structure)

What Type of Content You Will Be Creating In Your Twitter Marketing

How To Take Action And Start Implementing Your Campaign

How To Take Action And Start Implementing Your Twitter Marketing Campaign

Let's Create An Account

Setting Up The Basics Of Your Account If This Is Your First Time WIth Twitter

What Can You Do On Twitter Anyway

What Can You Do On Twitter Explained With The Help Of The Twitter Language

Let's Make it Look Professional

Setting Up Your Account So It Looks Worthy Of Your Business

Create a Weekly Twitter Routine

Creating Actual Content And How Do You Go About It

Creating content and the more advanced tools you can use.

The Most Powerful Twitter Feature

The Most Powerful Twitter Tool (

Recommended Apps For Twitter Marketing

Top 3 Apps I recommend you use on a consistent basis.

Case Studies

3 case studies of small companies that achieved notable success using twitter

What To Do When (Twitter Scenarios)

Various scenarios that you will come accross and how to deal with them.

Twitter Marketing Resources

All the resources you need from video production, stock images, book recommendations and outsourcing opportunities.

Last Thoughts...

My last thoughts before I encourage you to take action and implement everything learned in your own campaign.


External Resources

Links to various tools and services mentioned throughout the course.

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