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Supervision Basics


Managers learn the supervision skills needed when they are responsible for guiding the performance of others.

Management Development Learning Track: Bud to Boss Toolkit, Supervision Basics, Management Essentials, Managing for Success


Included Modules

Three Month Work Objectives

Course Result:

Three Month Work Objectives Employees gain a clear understanding of what they must deliver in the next three months

Assist Employees Facing Challenges

Course Result:

Provide help and assistance to your employees facing challenges and obstacles

Team and Company Policies

Course Result:

Discuss the importance of team and company policies with your team

Know Your Employees

Course Result:

Identify what you know about your employees' family, hobbies, personal challenges and interests

Know Who's Really Contributing

Course Result:

Identify individuals who are really contributing to the team or company goals

Involving Others in Problem Solving

Course Result:

Involve others in solving important problems and issues.

Know Your Team's Experience and Background

Course Result:

Get clear on the various experiences, backgrounds, skills and perspectives of your team

Work-Life Balance for the Team

Course Result:

Ensure everyone is clear on what work/life balance looks like with the team or department