Presentation and Public Speaking Made Easy

This course is designed to help anyone improve their presentation skills and become a good speaker.

No matter what you do for a living, in order to be successful, you need to be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas to others. Communicating effectively often requires you to make good presentations. We often don’t realize how challenging making a good presentation can be till we actually have to do it. Moreover, we often come across situations in life where we find that not being able to make good presentations can mean foregoing some good career opportunities that come knocking on our doors. Does it have to be that way though? Should we forego good things in life when they might be well within our grasp? The answer is “No”. Even if we don’t like public speaking or doing presentations, we can still work on these activities and be good at them and move up in life. That is what this course will help you achieve.

Be it the glamour world of showbiz or acting, theater and advertising you need to be able to get your message across to others. Off course, if you want to be a good lawyer, a reporter, a journalist, Television personality, or even a politician you need to be able to make good presentations. And so it goes in the world of computers, technology and other modern applications. To put it mildly, “we need to be good at or at least improve our presentation and public speaking skills, if we want to succeed in life”.

The lessons in this course are easy to follow and you will find the ideas useful. If you follow the instructions diligently and keep up a sustained effort, you will notice improvement over a short period of time. So, please try out the points mentioned in these lessons and you will be happy you did. I hope you find this course useful and look forward to hearing your feedback. Good luck and thank you for taking this course.

Course Length: approximately 1 hour

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Summary of the course

01. Introduction

One of the major differentiating factors between extremely successful individuals and not-so-successful individuals is the ability to communicate effectively. Successful people almost always have the ability to get their message across to others. This chapter gives a brief introduction to help you understand why you need to develop your presentation skills in order to move up in life.

02. Introduction Continued

Gain an insight into where many people have difficulty with making presentations. Understand the essentials of presentations and public speaking that you need to work on in order to overcome your weaknesses and gain strengths.

03. Begin Preparation

Learn how to begin preparation and make slow progress towards overcoming your weaknesses. This chapter outlines some easy steps that can get you started on your journey towards improving your presentation and public speaking skills.

04. Preparation Continued

This chapter continues your journey toward self-improvement. You will learn to identify some of your weaknesses and make a plan to overcoming them while gaining confidence.

05. Working on Weaknesses

In this chapter, you will further learn to classify all your weaknesses and make an action plan for working on your weaknesses. You will notice that as you work on your weaknesses, your presentation skills will undergo transformation and your initial nervousness will start to diminish.

06. Strengths

This lesson will help you identify your latent and dormant strengths and build on your natural instincts to develop your presentation skills. As you work on your strengths, you will notice improvement in your public speaking skills.

07. Strengths Continued

This lesson will help you dig deeper into identifying your hidden strengths and build your confidence and go from strength to strength.

08. Overcoming Stage Fright

Stage fright is a big issue with many people. This lesson identifies some of the root causes of this issue and shows a way out of this situation with practice and effective strategies.

09. Freezing During Presentation - The Way Out

The very thought of freezing on stage while making a presentation can be embarrassing. How do you come out of a ticklish situation while on stage? This lesson will set you on track toward finding a way out of embarrassing situations on stage.

10. Practicing For a Big Event

How do you practice for a big event – something that can have a huge impact on your career and life? Review this lesson and find out how.

11. Class Vs Office Presentation Prep

This lesson helps identify some of the differences between a class presentation in school and an office presentation at work. Learn the effective strategies of preparing for both and come out with flying colors.

12. Impromptu Speech

Impromptu or extemporaneous speeches can often come in handy and have a huge impact on your career. Learn how to be ready at all times and convert those fleeting opportunities that come knocking on your doors at unexpected moments.

13. Key Elements of Good Presentation

Learn about all the elements that make for a good speech. This lesson will give you a good perspective about what you need to look for in order to make a great presentation and become a very good public speaker.

14. In Conclusion

You are now all set to make your journey. Go ahead and start the progress towards your destination of becoming a good speaker and great presenter.

15. Script for lessons

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16. Complete Course Documentation

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