Pass the PMP - Earned Value Management


Worried about the Earned Value Management section of the PMP exam?

Worry no more!

A six module course dedicated to you getting 100% on the Earned Value questions on the PMP exam.

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Pass the PMP - Earned Value Management

EVM 001 - An Introduction to Earned Value Management

An Introduction to Earned Value Management: covering Scope, Schedule, Resources, Earned Value and Planned Value

EVM 002 - Basic Components of Earned Value Management

Covering the four key concepts in Earned Value Managent: Earned Value, Planned Value, Actual Cost and Budget at Completion.

EVM 003 - Project Performance and Variances

Understand the indicators for Project Performance and Variances including Schedule Variance, Cost Variance and Variance at Completion.

EVM 004 - Project Performance and Indexes

Covers Project Performance and Indexs including Schedule Performance Index, Cost Performance Index, and To Complete Performance Index

EVM 005 - Project Performance and Estimating

Covers Estimating to Completion and Estimating at Completion

EVM 006 - Final Exam - Earned Value Management

The final exam simulating PMP exam questions.

When you can pass this, you will have mastered the hardest part of the PMI exam.

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