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LinkedIn Essentials Course


Create an optimized LinkedIn Profile and LinkedIn Company Page while learning to leverage the main features of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a “professional” networking platform, most effective for business-to-business marketing, job searching, and recruiting.

But LinkedIn can also be used to successfully market products and services using the new LinkedIn Company Pages.

This condensed and comprehensive course demonstrates how to create an optimized LinkedIn profile for businesses and job seekers, and how to create and promote an optimized LinkedIn Company Page.

Business owners, managers, executives, job seekers, entrepreneurs, marketers, social media strategists, and students will all benefit from taking this course.

Follow author, developer, and new media expert, Deltina Hay, as she walks you through the process of optimizing your LinkedIn profile and developing your LinkedIn Company Page in her typical no-nonsense teaching style.

Using real-world examples, Deltina shows you hands-on how to:

  • Create a complete, professional, and optimized LinkedIn profile
  • Take full advantage of the latest options (like adding video) within your LinkedIn profile
  • Create a customized and optimized LinkedIn Company Page from scratch
  • Take advantage of all the features and settings on the LinkedIn platform
  • Add products and services to your LinkedIn Company Page
  • Create and manage LinkedIn groups
  • Integrate your LinkedIn profile and page with your online presence
  • Promote your LinkedIn page with plugins and advertising options
  • Find relevant connections and improve your LinkedIn search ranking through engagement

Included Modules

Introduction to the LinkedIn Course

This video introduces LinkedIn and presents the topics covered in the course.

Introduction to LinkedIn

In this lesson, we have an overview of the entire LinkedIn platform.

Creating an Optimized LinkedIn Profile

In this lesson, we demonstrate methods for creating an optimized LinkedIn profile like preparing content ahead of time for your profile and populating and editing your profile.

Additional LinkedIn Profile Options

In this lesson, we explore some additional options like specialized LinkedIn profile sections, and have an overview of other profile options.

LinkedIn Exam 1

Exam one for the LinkedIn Essentials course.

LinkedIn Features

In this lesson, we dig into LinkedIn features such as posting status updates, advanced search features, LinkedIn groups, and recommendations.

LinkedIn Settings

In this lesson, we explore LinkedIn settings, including communications, privacy, and profile customization settings.

LinkedIn Exam 2

Exam two for the LinkedIn Essentials course.

LinkedIn Company Pages

In this lesson, we use our worksheet to create an optimized and customized LinkedIn Company Page from scratch.

Adding Products to LinkedIn Pages

In this lesson, we demonstrate how to add products and services to a LinkedIn page and explore additional LinkedIn page features.

LinkedIn Exam 3

Exam three for the LinkedIn Essentials course.

Integrating LinkedIn

In this lesson, we look at options for connecting our LinkedIn profile with other social media sites and integrating our LinkedIn page using badges and plugins.

Promoting LinkedIn Pages

In this lesson, we explore ways of promoting a LinkedIn Company Page including how to promote products and status updates, and asking for recommendations.

LinkedIn Exam 4

Exam four for the LinkedIn Essentials course.

LinkedIn Connections and Engagement

In this lesson, we discuss tactics for improving engagement and finding relevant connections on LinkedIn; as well as demonstrate how to create a LinkedIn group.

LinkedIn Best Practices, Privacy, and Mobile

In this lesson, we go through the LinkedIn terms of use, discuss privacy issues, and have an overview of the LinkedIn mobile app.

LinkedIn Conclusion: Some Additional Resources

In this concluding video, we look at some recommended resources to help you keep up-to-date with LinkedIn, and contact information for the author.


LinkedIn Profile Worksheet

LinkedIn Profile Worksheet

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LinkedIn Page Worksheet

LinkedIn Page Worksheet

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LinkedIn Resources

LinkedIn Resources

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