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Lifetime Wellness 21 Day Cleanse Program


Lifetime Wellness Holistic Health Center has designed this 21 day cleanse training program to provide you with a better understanding of nutrition, and to help you craft a more healthful diet, based on your goals and needs.

This online course was not designed as a weight loss program, regardless of how most participants experience a significant reduction in body fat. It is also not a fast. Rather, it is a program designed to help identify and correct many metabolic imbalances such as allergies or intolerances, yeast and bacterial overgrowths, sluggish metabolism, and leaky gut syndrome. These are factors could be contributing to a lack of energy, as well as weight loss resistance.

The 21 Day Cleanse program requires a number of nutritional supplements to aid the multiple detoxification processes in the body. These supplements will need to be ordered directly from their manufacturers prior to beginning the 21 day program. Specific instructions with links will be provided in the Welcome letter you will receive when you purchase this course.



Included Modules

21 Day Cleanse: Week 2

Food - Your Poison Your Power investigates how we really are what we eat and the potential sources of toxins that can cause numerous health issues.  This module also reviews the specific actions for week 2 of the cleanse program.

21 Day Cleanse: Week 3

Living Clean in this Toxic World describes how to continue your healthful practices after the 21 Days to maximize your health and well being

21 Day Cleanse: Week 1

This first module explores Detoxification for Physical and Spiritual Health, the foundation of our 21 Day Cleanse.  We discuss why we need to "cleanse" and how we can work with our body to accomplish this.  We also cover the specific steps we will take in week 1 to prepare our bodies for cleansing


21-Day Cleanse Manual

This manual contains all of the instructions and supporting material for your successful 21 Day Cleanse program.

25.28 MB