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Learn QuickBooks Pro 2013


During this QuickBooks Pro 2013 video training course, learn to use QuickBooks to manage your business's finances. Your certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor trainer will show how to create accounts to organizing customer, vendor, and item records. 

Discover how to setup QuickBooks Pro 2013 for the first time, pay employees, create reports, reconcile, work with sales tax, setup inventory, receive payments, and much more.

This course is designed to be an introduction to the features offered by QuickBooks Pro 2013. This is not an accounting course. Each business and home financial situation is unique, with different procedures required in response to various rules, laws and policies. Please consult your accountant, employer, QuickBooks ProAdvisor or other appropriate expert with regard to specific requirements or guidelines.

Course Goal and Objectives:

  • Creating your company file
  • Working with QuickBooks preferences
  • Creating estimates
  • Working with vendors and bills
  • Setup the chart of accounts for your business
  • Reconciling statements
  • Working with credit cards
  • Working with sales tax including paying sales tax
  • Working with payroll
  • Working with customers and jobs

Intended Audience:  Small business owners or those managing QuickBooks for a small business


Included Modules

New Features in QuickBooks Pro 2013

Creating Your Company File

Identifying the Components of the QB Environment


Working With Users

Charts of Accounts part 1

Charts of Accounts part 2

Using Classes

Creating Customer List

Creating Customer list part 2

Creating Estimates

Invoicing Customers Based on Estimates

Invoicing Customers for Products and Services

Receiving Payments

Creating Deposits

Online Pay Feature

Creating Credits Memos

Creating Statements

Working with Vendors

Entering Bills

Paying Bills

Working With Items

Creating Purchase Orders

Receiving Items

Creating Bills For Items

Paying For Items

Manually Adjusting Items

Working With Registers

Creating Entries and Writing Checks

Downloading Bank Transactions

Transferring Funds Between Accounts


Reconciling loans

Setting up Loans in the Chart of Accounts

Creating Loan Payments

Setting up Credit Card Accounts

Entering Credit Card transactions

Reconciling Credit Cards and Making Payments

Form Customization-part1

Form Customization-part2

Layout Designer

Working with Reports part1

Working with Reports part2

Customizing Reports

Memorizing Reports

Sales Tax Items

Customers and Sales Tax

Items and Sales Tax

Sales Tax Liability Reports

Paying Sales Tax

Adjusting Sales Tax

overview of the qb payroll service

Working with Payroll Items

Working with Employees

Paying Employees

Payroll Tax Liability Reports

Paying Payroll Taxes

Enter Time Single Activity

Working with Timesheets

Creating a Budget

Working with Leads

Using the Letters Feature

Customizing QuickBooks letters

Searching in QuickBooks

Creating To Do

Using the QuckBooks Calendar

Using the Document Center


Creating Journal Entries

Memorizing Transactions

Customizing the Iconbar

Adding Time Cost to Invoices

Backing Up Company Files