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Kaizen Facilitator Course


The Kaizen Facilitator Course teaches the skills required to successfully lead a team to conduct continuous improvement activities within their working environment. Tools from Lean and Six Sigma are taught that support the Kaizen Improvement Process. The process follows the Deming Continuous Improvement Cycle of Study the Process, Determine Corrective Actions, Plan and Prioritize the Actions, and Implement the Improvements. This course shows how to quickly make sustainable improvements.

You are first introduced to Gemba Kaizen, continuous improvement in the workplace, and then each of the Kaizen Improvement Process steps are covered in detail. Tools and templates are provided in either MS Office or productivity suites. This course provides 20 hours of continuing education. Upon completion of the Final Course Exam you will be issued a Course Completion Certificate.

Completion of this Course and one Kaizen Improvement Project makes you eligible for the Kaizen Facilitator Certification from the Management Development Institute of Missouri State University.  Master Black Belt Support is available at

Duration:  1200 minutes


Included Modules

KF001 Kaizen Facilitator Course Contents and Overview

Kaizen Facilitator

  • Course Contents
  • Course Overview

KF002 Kaizen Facilitator Toolkit Download

KF003 Introduction to Gemba Kaizen

Our Gemba Kaizen Course will introduce you to the philosophy of continuous improvement. The significant contributions of Taiichi Ohno, Shigeo Shingo, and W. Edwards Deming are presented in this short course. Examples are provided for the Seven Wastes, 5S, and Standardization. The Deming cycle of PDCA, plan - do - check - act is followed as the driver of continuous improvement.

KF101 Study the Process

The first step in the Kaizen Improvement Process is Study the Process.  There are 34 modules in this step to teach you all of the skills and provide you with the tools to effectively understand the Current State of your Process.

KF102 Conducting Effective Meetings

KF103 Leading Teams

KF104 Team Failure Top 10 List

KF105 Introduction to Process Mapping

KF106 Value Stream Mapping

KF107 Current State Value Stream Mapping Video

KF108 Deployment Process Mapping

KF109 Deployment Process Mapping Video

KF110 Process Activity Analysis

KF111 Process Activity Analysis Tool Demo

KF112 Process Mapping Quiz

KF113 Voice of the Customer Data Collection

KF114 Voice of the Customer Affinity Diagram

KF115 Data Collection

KF116 Operational Definition and 2 Factor Checksheet Video

KF117 Exercise - M an M Data Collection and Analysis

KF118 Data Analysis Set-Up in Minitab Demo

KF119 Pareto Analysis in Minitab Demo

KF120 Introduction to Measurement System Analysis

KF121 Attribute Measurement System Analysis

KF122 MSA for Attributes Minitab Demo

KF123 MSA Gage Repeatibility and Reproducibility

KF124 Gage R an R in Minitab Demo

KF125 Rubber Band Gage R an R Minitab Demo

KF126 The Nature of Variation

KF127 Histograms

KF128 Histograms in Minitab Demo

KF129 Data Tracking Over Time - IM Chart

KF130 IM Chart in Minitab Demo

KF131 Pareto Analysis of Discrete Data

KF132 Pareto Analysis in Minitab Demo

KF133 Study the Process Quiz

KF201 Step 2 Determine Corrective Actions

The second step in the Kaizen Improvement Process is to Determine Corrective Actions. Here you will learn how to attack your process and uncover the variation.  You will learn to find the root causes of the issues and how to address them with corrective actions.

KF202 Lean Process Analysis

KF203 Pull System Illustrated Simulation

KF204 Process Activity Analysis Tool Demo

KF205 Kanban Calculator Tool Demo

KF206 Pull System and Kanban Video

KF207 Cause and Effect Analysis

KF208 Failure Mode and Effects Analysis FMEA

KF209 FMEA Template Tool Demo

KF210 Introduction to Hypothesis Testing

KF211 P Value Explained for Decision Making

KF212 Analysis of Variance ANOVA

KF213 F Statistic and the P Value for Decision Making

KF214 ANOVA Minitab Demo

KF215 Making Helicopters for the ANOVA Exercise Video

KF216 Exercise ANOVA Flight Time Video

KF217 Developing Creative Solutions

KF218 SCAMPER Brainstorming Technique Video

KF219 Edison Brainstorming Technique Video

KF220 Idea Box Brainstorming Technique Video

KF221 Brute Think Brainstorming Technique Video

KF222 Determine Corrective Actions Quiz

KF301 Plan and Prioritize The Actions

The third step in the Kaizen Improvement Process is to Plan and Prioritize the Corrective Actions.  You will learn how to develop the future state of where you want your process to be.  You will evaluate the gap between the current state and the future state for planning the migration on the road to continuous improvement.

KF302 Build the Future State

KF303 Gap Analysis - Bridge Current to Future State

KF304 Quality Control

KF305 Standardization and Documentation

KF306 Exercise - Airplane Standardization and Documentation

KF307 Airplane Exercise Minitab Demo

KF308 Evaluating and Selecting Solutions

KF309 Prioritization Matrices

KF310 Planing the Implementation

KF311 Plan and Prioritize the Actions Quiz

KF401 Implement the Improvements

The fourth step in the continuos Kaizen Improvement Process is to implement the improvements as you journey toward the future state of your process.  You will learn how to install a visual management system to not only maintain your gains but drive future continula improvement.  Once you have implemented the initial improvements you are ready to begin the Kaizen Improvement Process again by Studying the Process, Determining Corrective Actions, Planning and Prioritizing those actions, and Implementing more Improvements.

KF402 Visual Management System

KF403 Implement the Plan

KF404 Kaizen Facilitator Final Exam


Failure Mode and Effects Analysis FMEA

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Build the Future State

583.67 KB

Gap Analysis Current to Future State

215.44 KB

Implement the Plan

157.02 KB

Evaluating and Selecting Solutions

390.56 KB

Developing Creative Solutions

354.32 KB

Planning the Implementation

274.12 KB

Visual Management System

800.69 KB

Conducting Effective Meetings

489.24 KB

Leading Teams

122.02 KB

Gemba Kaizen Introduction

351.99 KB

Seven Wastes

469.55 KB

Housekeeping and 5S

624.08 KB

Standardization and Documentation

255.28 KB

Kaizen Improvement Process

754.07 KB

Hypothesis Testing Introduction

270.11 KB

Analysis of Variance ANOVA

447.98 KB

Process Mapping Basics

390.55 KB

Value Stream Mapping

233.31 KB

Deployment Process Mapping

205.94 KB

Process Activity Analysis

686.94 KB

Introduction to Root Cause Analysis

391.36 KB

Lean Process Analysis

603.83 KB

Cause and Effect Analysis

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