iPad for Realtors

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In this 5 hour self paced and easy to learn course, students will learn the basic functions and abilities of an iPad. The course will start with the types of iPads, adjusting your settings, storage options including iCloud and other online storage, printing, saving and opening documents. In the second part of the course, students will learn how to apply their basic knowledge of the usability of an iPad and transform it into effectively using its apps and tools for Real Estate. This part of the course will cover apps ranging from Real Estate, simple to use video editing, video conferencing, photo storage, creating documents, presentations, and the mobile contract process. Please note this is not a course that just lists a wide variety of apps, it goes into a brief demonstration of their uses and functions.

Keywords: ipad, apple, real estate

iPad for Realtors

Module 1 - Welcome
Module 2 - Introduction
iPad In Action
Module 3 - History and Types

iPad - History and Types

Module 4 - Models and Parts

iPad Models and Parts

Module 5 - Settings

iPad Settings Module

Module 6 - Safari - Storage - Camera- Find My iPhone

Using cloud storage, browsing the web with Safari, Using the camera, Find My iPad and more

Find My iPhone in Action
Making Presentations on Your iPad

Learn how to make and present professional presentations on your iPad.

Module 8 - Opening and Storing Files - Using Dropbox and Other Apps
Module 9 - Docusign Mobile

Creating and signing contracts on Zipform Mobile and DocuSign Mobile

Module 10 - Using Evernote

Use Evernote to Remember Everything. Evernote is a powerful tool to organzine everything from notes and pictures on homes, pay bills, keep articles and more.

Module 11 - Video
Module 12 - Misc Apps
Final Exam

Take this very easy final exam to recieve your Mobile Real Estate Agent Certification. You can take it as many times as you would like. 

Closing Module

Thank you for taking this course. Before we leave, please watch this video for some closing remarks and a special offer to help us spread the word to the Realtor community about this class.


Watching the iPad in Action   ()
Watch this video to see how an innovative company uses the iPad in their office and their duties as an agent. For more information on the training they provide, visit them at http://www.coffeewithkrisstina.com
Using Find My iPhone   ()
Watch this innovative way of tracking your iPad/iPhones

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