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Human Centric Process Analysis and Improvement


Human-Centric Process Analysis and Improvement

The Human-Centric Process Analysis and Improvement online training course is a comprehensive educational experience that builds participant skills in analyzing, understanding and improving business processes.

The course teaches how to use Moments of Truth and Hand-Offs to successfully analyze and improve business processes with the benefits of improving:

• Customer Satisfaction
• Operational Cost Savings
• Product / Process Quality
• Employee Morale

Course Overview

The course is on-demand training, allowing participants to study on their own time schedule and at their own pace.

It builds the skills of participants to analyze human centric processes and to identify, and evaluate, improvement opportunities.

Learning Experience

The learning experience teaches concepts with lectures, reinforces them with interactive knowledge building exercises, and then puts material into a real-world perspective with multiple  process application exercises.

1) Dual-Mode Lecture format

     - Audio-visual and Text

2) Interactive learning exercises to reinforce key concepts

3) Process exercises to build practical application skills

Course Outline

The course consists of 4 modules including:
1. Introduction
2. Moments of Truth
3. Hand-offs
4. Process Analysis and Improvement

The average time to complete the course is 4 hours.


Skills / Experience:  No special experience or skill beyond basic computer skills are required.

Technical Requirements:  The technical requirements for the course are:

1. A computer or tablet with Flash version 8 support
2. Internet connection
3. Speakers or headphones

(if participant desires to listen to lectures)