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Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses


Everything you need to know from start to finish about Facebook Marketing For Your Business (Theory & Hands-On Training)


Included Modules

The 6Ws Of Facebook Marketing

A global view of what we will be covering in the first section of the course.

Why Should You Even Be On Facebook as a Business

The main reasons why your business needs a solid presence on Facebook.

Who Is On Facebook & How To Determine Your Potential Audience Size!

A detailed example of how facebook allows extremely accurate demogrphics targeting.

Where are People When On Facebook!

What is the state of mind of your audience when going to facebook, also you have an external link with a social media campaign aimed at entertaining that got phenomenal results.

When To Take Action When It Comes To Facebook Marketing

The ideal time to start your social media is now. Also in the resources section you have a link with the facebook page of the client I talked about.

What Type of Content Will You Create (Strategy & Structure)

On all the strategy you need to put some structure and this is where I show you how to do just that.

How To Take Action And Start Implementing

Last video where we talk about facebook marketing, starting section 2 we will both get our hands dirty and create from scratch an actual page.

Let's Create a Page

A video targeted at those who are non familiar at all with creating a company page. You have a link to the landing page for creating your facebook page in the resources section.

Let's Make That Page Shine

Taking the basic page creation to the next level. Adding a custom design and also going into more detail with all the page info. In the resources section you can find links to GraphicRiver (Image & graphics website) & Photoshop (Image Editing).

Let's Install Some Apps

A presentation of the main apps that you should integrate with your webpage.Links to all the apps in the resource section and also there you will find the sample code for the Static HTML app.

Let's Do Some Custom Tab Integration

This is the most complex thing I will teach, if you have any questions let me know and I will offer detailed clarifications.

In the resource section you have links to notepad++, Graphicriver and Filezilla.

Create a Weekly Routine

A routine is essential to your success. I recommend you take this lecture extremely serious. Also you have a link in the resources section with a more detailed presentation of the Pepsi story & the talk where Elon Musk from TeslaMotors tells the USB cables story.

Creating Actual Content & How Do You Go About It

I detailed presentation of how you can publish content. From the basic publishing directly from Facebook to the more professional methods. Links to all the web apps recommended in the video in the Supplementary Material Section.

Your First Facebook Ads Campaign

How to create your first Ads Campaign and what metrics to look for when optimising it.

How To Interpret & Analyze Insights Data

Everything you need to know about facebook insights.

Resources For Your Facebook Marketing

Resources For Your Facebook Marketing

What To Do When (Scenarios)

A few of the most common scenarios where you might get head-aches and how to overcome them.

Last Thoughts

My last thoughts and wishes for you, my hard working and soon to be very successful student.


External Resources

All links mentioned in the modules.

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Code For Static HTML Tab

The html code to use with the iFrame Tab on Facebook. Adapt it to your own needs.

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