Diversity at the Workplace Course

Author: QlickTrain
Workplace Diversity training helps learners become aware of other cultures and lifestyles in order to increase empathy among co-workers. This course addresses how employers and co-workers have to learn to work together toward the organization’s goals.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe diversity and its importance in today's society.
  2. List different ways in which we are diverse.
  3. Identify the benefits and opportunities of having a diverse workforce.
  4. Explain different ways to avoid discrimination in the workplace.
  5. Define the policies regarding diversity and discrimination.
Duration 30 minutes

Keywords: Diversity in the Workplace, diversity, Compliance, human resources, personal development, professional development, HR Compliance, DEI

Diversity at the Workplace Course

Diversity at the Workplace
Diversity at the Workplace
Diversity at the Workplace Course

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