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BusinessObjects v3 102 - Managing Folders & Documents


90% of our customers' user bases use only InfoView! That's why we offered this course first!

InfoView, the web portal used to access and refresh BusinessObjects content, is a great starting place for using BusinessObjects and that is what you'll learn to use during this course. This course includes 3 lessons and a practice exericse, designed by training professionals that have 12+ years of both BusinessObjects classroom training and real-world consulting experience.

You will learn how to move, copy, and delete documents, folders, and categories. You will also learn to upload personal file into the InfoView portal.

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Included Modules

10201 v3 InfoView - Copying, Moving, and Deleting Documents

Learn how to move, copy and delete document from InfoView folders.

10202 v3 Web Intelligence - Managing Folders & Categories

10203 v3 InfoView - Uploading a Local Document into InfoView

Learn how to upload a personal file into InfoView folders.

102E1 v3 InfoView - Exercise 1

This pratice exercise allows you an opportunity to test your skills managing folders, categories, and documents in InfoView, the BusinessObjects web portal.