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AEGIS ONLINE Guard Card Yearly Refresher


This course is only offered for those seeking to refresh and renew a California Guard Card.

This is the GUARD CARD REFRESHER online security training course including powers to arrest, terrorism, and weapons of mass destruction course mandated by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services to renew your guard card. The state mandates security guards be trained annually with a refresher course.

Our online security training exceeds the state mandated training syllabus to include additional modules we believe are necessary in the field. Modules include: introduction to the security industry, injury/illness/heat prevention training, sexual harassment training, workplace violence, powers of arrest, basic identification verification, basic pat down searches, basic restraining techniques, basic emergency management, terrorism, and weapons of mass destruction. Please note: registration in this course is not refundable and will be available for up to six months once registered.

Step 1: Get trained ONLINE TODAY!

Step 2: Submit your renewal to BSIS online. - See attachments for details.

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For help registering, please email Coggno Technical Support.


Included Modules

1 AEGIS Training Introduction

Training Introduction Quiz

1A IIPP and Workplace Violence AEGIS

IIPP and Workplace Violence Quiz

1B PR, Sexual Harassment, and Communication AEGIS

PR, Sexual Harassment & Communications Quiz

1C Powers to Arrest AEGIS

Powers of Arrest Review


WMD Quiz

1E POA Summary AEGIS

Powers of Arrest Final Exam


Online Guard Card Renewal

Powers of Arrest Training Manual

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Training Manual

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